The International Startup Bootcamp (ISB) is #1 globally positioned Startup Enablement event of its kind with life time proven success. It is well-designed to ensure idea validation vs. market need,  practical hands-on trending projects vs. market status ad surrounding challenges, ready to implement Business Plan vs. Operational, Sales & Marketing challenges and how to secure project funding vs. risks and competition.

The ISB Bootcap is designed on the "Knowledge Injection" methodology, where all delegates shall be given the Best-Practices in application mode! The ISB is mix between knowledge given and knowledge utilization in action. All delegates are in charge from minute zero with list of actions and well-identified roadmap. It is not purely theoretical and it is not randomly practical!  Delegates are being incubated and mentored on hourly basis with clear deliverables KPIs. Simply, Your brain, your heart and body are all in action for one purpose,









The ISB is a point of transformation toward your lifetime career journey! The ISB is taking place in action over 4 days with well-designed 4 tracks to ensure the quality of business activation vs. profitability & sustainability. The ISB delegates work over 60 hours day and night to make it happen.

By attending the ISB your Startup business shall be well-enabled and empowered by knowledge, tools & support vs. KPIs and well defined steps. It is not another training program, it is a life-upgrade event.






  • Effective techniques to identify ideas
  • 4x Methodology to validate idea feasibility
  • Tri-Formula for Market Validation
  • Understanding market segmentation
  • Idea vs. Market profitability
  • Business Data Visualization
  • Utilizing SWOT analysis to market activation
  • Desirability vs. Viability KPIs
  • Domestic vs. International vs. Online ideas
  • Studying set of 40+ most profitable startup trending projects with intensive show-case analysis.
  • This track covers diversified markets, sectors, countries and industries with different budget sizes.
  • Market visualization with Data analytics.
  • This track covers the Family-Business related projects with Pros. & Cons.





  • Hands-On Business Plan types & structure
  • Understand business planning realities for Startups.
  • Producing Ready-to-Implement business plan; this includes:
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Human Resources  & Team Building
    • Operational & Supply chain
    • Setting KPIs & Performance Management
    • Financials & market forecasting
  • Preparing full Business Plan and Executive Summary
  • Hands-on Fundraising realities, myth & fears.
  • How to identify and convince potential investors?
  • How to estimate the financing need and the value of the venture?
  • How to negotiate with equity investors?
    How to prepare and succeed in the post-investment phase?
  • Type of fundraising channels.
  • Getting access to fundraising platforms, institutions, buddies and how to approach them?









Fully-fledged Startup activation experience!
The ISB is a mindset changer event of your career, it helps you to:

  • Understand your capabilities

  • Validate your idea

  • Bridge your idea with the market need

  • Puzzle with your targeted market throughout marketing & sales

  • Set your strategy compass

  • Define your business goals

  • Activate the quick win strategy

  • Manage Startup risks

  • Deal with various market risks

  • Achieve highest Return-on-Investment (ROI) in shortest time

  • Keep the business aligned with surrounding challenges globally

  • Secure the needed funds throughout different channels

  • Set your financials with sustainable payback plan


The best of the ISB, it tackles the need of the market and the capabilities of yours. So, everything is counted to ensure the maximized ROI of attending it. Yes, we consider it as part of your project investment - So, what you will get in hand by the end of the ISB?












If you are one of the following groups, then attending the International Startup Bootcamp (ISB) is ideal for you:


  • Have an idea and thriving to turn it into real project.

  • Planning to start your own project very soon.

  • Unable to secure a full-time job and running under pressure of life commitments.

  • Unemployed for sometime.

  • Unhappy about your current job or feeling unsecured!

  • Working abroad and business/labor market doesn't look OK within the country.

  • Nationalization is replacing your job/profession.

  • Have a stable job, but need to build better family future?

  • Business leader who is responsible on leading certain business, department or section with P&L responsibility.




Ain-Sokhna Almost a one hour drive from Cairo, the town is located 55 km south of Suez and 120 km east of Cairo - Very short-trip to nature beauty. The beaches and the crystal clear water are the major reasons Ain-Sokhna is famous for practicing water sports such as kite surfing, fishing, and scuba diving.

Another good reason why we planned to run the ISB in Ain-Sokhna is the quiet nature and stress-free environment. It helps the ISB delegates to enjoy every single moment with good focus and more productivity.













5-8 April, 2020
Sunday - Wednesday



Activities Start 6am
Sessions end: 12 (mid-night)
Agenda shared with ISB delegates

8888 Egyptian Pounds
(Transportation from-to Cairo included)
Accommodation (double room BB)


  • Due the high demand, the program seats are filling fast, it is highly recommended to book your seat ASAP.
  • Multiple payment options are available  Credit Card, Bank Deposit (Egypt), Vodafone Cash (Egypt)).
  • Registrations cannot be confirmed unless payment is received.
  • Do not register unless you are sure of the location/date and time - in case if you have inquiry or need to talk to us, please email:  or WhatsApp: +201013198255
  • All payments should be done immediately, we apologize to cancel the unpaid registrations.








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